Global Red Tent Event September 5-6, 2014 Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost is going to be showing fifty unseen scenes in the making of Things We Don’t Talk About; Women’s Stories from the Red Tent film. You can sign up at You can also see live Red Tents around the world and see the movie free of charge for the next thirty hours. Here is the information.

If you want subtitles (Spanish, German, Portuguese, or English closed captions) you can “rent” the film (for free). You will have to stream it via the internet. But you can use this link & coupon code to get it free on the day of your screening:

Click on rent ($4.99) & proceed as if you were going to pay, but then use the coupon code: launchparty

This coupon will only be active on September 5 & 6th.

Live Global Red Tent:
The Live global Red Tent will take place from Friday Sept. 5th at 5pm CST through Saturday Sept 6th 11pm CST.

Where is the “Online Red Tent”?
It’s in a “closed” Facebook group at:
Please go to the group and click “join” for us to approve your invite.

We encourage you to post stories, videos & photos of your Red Tent and/or Red Tent Movie screening in our “closed/by-invite-only” group.

Red Tent TV:
As part of the our launch party screening offer you can also show 50 short clips of footage not included in the film. You will have to stream the clips via Facebook. So you will need the internet.

To access the clips, join our Facebook group: All of the videos will be available on the group’s wall/news feed on the day(s) of the launch party.

This photo was taken last weekend at the New England Women’s Herbal Conference where the women from the Yellow Springs Red Tent Temple community raised and tended for the many women of the conference.
Nicole and Hannah and ALisa NEWHC